Wakayama and Mie Travels (Part 1)

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Senjojiki, Wakayama (千畳敷,和歌山)

Kinako and I haven’t been travelling within Japan for the past 2 years due to the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, it was fortunate that we were able to make time to travel to Mie and Wakayama just awhile back.

Singapore is an island off the end of the Malayan Peninsula and has a land area of about 724 square kilometers. This makes it slightly bigger than the 23 special wards of Tokyo (619 square kilometers). Having lived in Singapore for most of my life, I’ve considered the beach and the sea a part of Singapore’s landscape. Having stayed in Kyoto for a long time, there hasn’t been many chances for me to see the ocean. Therefore, it was nice of Kinako to bring me to this very scenic spot in Wakayama – Senjojiki.

Senjojiki, literally translated, means “a thousand tatami mats“. The name is an apt description of the wide area of exposed bedrock that was carved out by thousands of years of erosion by angry waves of the Pacific. Senjojiki, a lesser-travelled destination by foreign tourists, is just a short bus ride away from Shirahama. While beachfront hotels dominate Shirahama’s landscape, Senjojiki is closer to nature, save for the lone visitor’s center which sells really delicious mikan ice-cream.

While we weren’t able to stay for the sunset, here is a picture I took overlooking part of Senjojiki in the late afternoon. You can see a couple of ships in the distance where the sun’s rays penetrate the clouds. This is definitely an evening spot I recommend for couples! If you are in the area, I would also recommend the Sandanbeki cave just a short bus ride down!

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