Wakayama and Mie Travels (Part2)


Of the many famous places to visit in Wakayama, Adventure World has to be one of them. Known for their iconic pandas, Adventure World is a zoo, aquarium and amusement park rolled into one.

With 7 pandas from the Giant Panda Breeding Research Project (as of 31st Oct 2021), Adventure World has perhaps the most successful panda breeding project outside of China. Besides the pandas, Adventure World offers a safari-themed exhibit, several marine performance theaters and an indoor amusement park.

Perhaps due to the ongoing COVID19 situation, there weren’t many visitors when we visited. With little queues, a day was enough to cover the entire park. Without further ado, here’s a video showing some of the lovely animals at the park as well as two other places we visited while at Shirahama (Senjojiki and Tore Tore Ichiba).

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